Cleaning of commercial premises  

Maintenance and cleaning of commercial and service premises

A clean working environment is essential for running of day-to-day business. The office and commercial cleaning services we provide guarantees a consistent, high quality service, eliminating the need for major clean-ups every year. We carry out the cleaning work according to the customer’s schedule and desires. For the wellbeing of our employees, we use only ecologically clean cleaning agents approved by allergy and asthma associations.

Thanks to the right cleaning tools and techniques, office-borne bacteria, which favour the spread of various diseases in the office, are eradicated.In addition to cleaning services, we also offer:

● cleaning quality control and reporting (including hygiene sampling);
● preparation of cleaning schedules as required*;
● training of your staff and quality control.

*A properly developed cleaning plan is essential for the upkeep of any commercial space and includes mapping the right supplies, cleaning equipment, techniques and frequency of execution.

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Cleaning of business premises, offices

Although the list of cleaning services and the need of them depends on the customer’s request, our commercial cleaning services include the following standard services:

● Dry and wet cleaning of floor surfaces (including cleaning of skirting boards);
● Vacuum cleaning of carpeting;
● Cleaning of window and door complexes;
● Cleaning of plugs, sockets, boxes, etc. on switches;
● Cleaning of horizontal and vertical surfaces of furniture access openings;
● Cleaning of kitchen corners (including, at the customer’s request, equipment such as coffee machines, milk cool control for coffee machines, microwave ovens, fridges, water dispensers, etc.);
● Cleaning of sanitary rooms with bactericidal* agent (*we destroy bacteria);
● Replacement of rubbish bags, paper towels, soap, etc;
● Vent cleaning is a routine procedure, not a special job.

Thanks to ergonomic tools, we do not apply the 180 cm reach height limitation that is usually applied – we clean even the highest surfaces!

If necessary, we can also carry out on-call cleaning, where the cleaner takes care of the cleanliness during the customer’s working hours, while remaining as inconspicuous as possible. The work list and schedule of the on-call cleaning is drawn up together with the customer. The aim of the cleaning service is to ensure clean surfaces throughout the day.

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Cleaning up of aquatic centres

Swimming pools, aquatic centres and spas have high standards of hygiene, which can only be achieved through a well thought-out and professional cleaning service. Microbial populations are known to grow rapidly to unsafe levels in humid and warm conditions, so it is important to ensure safe and healthy hygiene conditions for users.

We have provided training (general, spa and sports complex, product and hygiene training) and cleaning plans (e.g., Põlva Hospital, Mustamäe Hospital, Fertilitas, Viimsi School). Among others, we have conducted a training course on “Solutions for better hygiene in water centres, swimming pools and sauna complexes”, which was attended by lecturers from Finland. Our experience in cleaning has helped us in Viimsi Spa, Kalev Spa, Meriton Spa, Tallink Aqua Spa, Rüütli and Mere Spas in Saaremaa, Rakvere Aqva Spa in Rakvere, etc.

When maintaining the surfaces in a water centre, it is important to draw up a specific cleaning plan according to the conditions of the water centre, which includes, among other things, the right cleaning products and mechanics. When cleaning, attention should be paid to the slipperiness of wet surfaces and to structures that hinder cleaning, making the work physically more difficult than usual.

Our aquatic centre cleaning service includes the development and implementation of a cleaning plan that will polish all surfaces in the centre, including pools, saunas, washrooms, showers and changing rooms. There are strict hygiene standards for both service and industrial premises, including shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, hotels, warehouses and factories, which must be met. Due to the various inspection checks, you need to ensure that your cleaning plan is thorough and that it is carried out in a way that does not disturb your staff or customers.

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Cleaning of large kitchens and food industries

Kitchen hygiene is directly linked to our health, so it is a very important aspect. The kitchen is a place where dirt accumulation is very intense and surfaces need to be cleaned regularly. Food must be kept in a hygienically treated environment that does not encourage the growth of bacteria. We make sure that the work surfaces in the kitchen are always sparkling clean. So far, we have cleaned the kitchens of the following food industries, restaurants or cafés.

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Cleaning of restaurants and cafes

The restaurant is a romantic, elegant place with a relaxing atmosphere that needs to be cleaned daily. Often the dirty environment is the reason why customers do not come back to the restaurant. Don’t lose customers because of such a small detail and let our team make your restaurant shine. So far, we have cleaned the following restaurants: City Plaza, Gallery cafes, Kärme Küülik, Metso Restaurant, Nautica Restaurant, Rondo Café, Café Komeet and others.

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Cleaning of hotels

Cleanliness and hygiene are one of the most important aspects of a hotel, and the cleaning staff are therefore a major factor in the hotel’s reputation. We offer room cleaning services, seasonal staff hire for rooms cleaning, cleaning of common areas, etc.In addition to hotel cleaning, we contribute to guest satisfaction through a welcoming and friendly service.

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Cleaning during events or hiring a cleaning service for events

We will hire out a workforce to keep the whole area clean for a fixed period of time. Post-event cleaning will also be carried out according to the agreement (for special works, see HERE). Among other things, we have offered service for many large events like the Song Festival 2019 and Beer Summer 2018.

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